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Be a "Mindful" Beauty

After the hit of "10 steps skincare routine" evolution, everybody learned how to treat our skin good, make our skin become healthier.  Now, it's time for us to think and choose which kind of products and which routine is more suitable and sustainable for us.

Sometimes, the 10-step skincare routine can become a burden and might damage your skin barrier in a long run. For instance, overusing exfoliating or deep clean product can weaken your skin's natural barrier, making it more sensitive and easily cause skin inflammation and dehydration easily. Hence, resulting in the opposite effect.

Actually, 10-step skincare routine is unrealistic in most of Asian's mind. "Less is More" may always true in the world of beauty. We should choose the products depending on our skin conditions, like, won't do exfoliating too offen, only use 1 or maximum 2 serums at a time, use sheet mask or sleeping mask frequently and might be daily if you can, for keeping your skin hydrating level to prevent fine line appears, etc.  

Our mission is promoting skincare minimalism, also, introducing people to the amazing benefits of Asian skincare and makeup products.  We believe that everyone born to be beautiful from the inside out. Helping you achieve your "Beauty Goal" and make you feel good + feel confidence on your skin is our goal.

Our carefully curated selection of products includes some of the most innovative and effective brands from Asia, all of which are formulated with the highest-quality ingredients and the latest scientific research. Whether you're dealing with acne, dryness, or other skin concerns, we have something that can help. 

Thank you for choosing us as your go-to destination for all things Asian Beauty. We are excited to embark on this journey with you and to help you unlock your best self!

Cheers ♥

a Skincare Minimalism, founder of FREYA Asian Beauty Secret